Changes on Support and End of Life dates for Oracle Database 11gR2

Updated 08-2017

In brief, if you use a Oracle Database 11gR2 with latest patchset ( you have support and bug fixing with no additional cost until December 31 of 2018.

With some more details, Oracle have changed the End of Life (end of bug patching) and Extended Support (bug patching for customers ho pays an extra cost on support fees) for Oracle 11gR2 patch Before the change Extended Support begins on May 31 of 2017, now begins on December 31 of 2018, the end of life is maintained on December 31 of 2020.  The My Oracle Support note about Database Patches and Lifecycle states this change.

Is important to note this only applies to latest patch, older patchs of 11gR2 (,, are now out of active support (or in “Sustained Support” according to Oracle nomenclature).

On requesting extended support (and paying an extra on support fees) you can extend the support two more years until 31 December of 2020.

The more recent Oracle Database 12cR1 have the release out of support now, and the with support without extra fees until July 31 of 2019 and with extra fees until 31 July of 2021.

This implies the 11gR2 ( have six months less support than 12gR1 (, maybe a good reason to wait until first patch of 12cR2 to upgrade if still on 11gR2? In any case is a good time to begin the migration plans if not done yet.

Note about support types:

In brief:

    • Normal Support: Included in you license maintenance fee. You can request patchsets, new releases, patches for know bugs and the creation of new bug fixes.
    • Extended Support: You must request this type of support in a explicit manner and implies an increment on license maintenance fees. Gives you some extra years of something like “normal support”. The patches created during extended support period only are available to customers with extended support activated.

Maintenance Support:

    • The support team give to you assistance and guidance, you can request existent patchsets and new releases, but you cannot request to create any new patches.


Or in detail on oracle Website.





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