Terminal Server connections from Ubuntu

If you need to connect to a windows system from your Ubuntu environment one of the easiest methods is using “rdesktop” an open source Linux tool who “mimics” the Microsoft Terminal Client Windows application.

To use this tool you only need some sort of graphics desktop on your Ubuntu system and install the rdesktop pakage:

sudo apt install rdesktop

After that you only need to call the rdesktop exec with the IP or name of the Windows remote server to connect to it.

Also I want to note two useful parameters, the first used to define the language used on the remote keyboard (to avoid problems with special characters) and the second to define the “size” of the window used by the terminal session.

For the keyboard we can use the “-k” parameter with the name of the desired keyboard (you can find the available ones on this folder /usr/share/rdesktop/keymap), for example if you need an Spanish keyboard you must use “-k es”

And for the size of the window you can use the parameter “-g” and the desired resolution, for example “-g 1024×780” or “-f” if you need a “full screen” window.


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