No such file or directory

Some time ago,  after installing and old java release on an Ubuntu machine we found this strange error wen I tried to execute it:   The file had execute permissions, was not corrupted, and the route to the file was correct… but it appears a message like if the file doesn’t exists ¿? After some […]

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Configure STATSPACK to monitor performance on Oracle Database

Actually Oracle includes a set of internal tools to capture and maintain history of database performance. This group of tools called “Automatic Workload Repository” (AWR from now) exists in any database from 10g. The big issue with AWR is the requirement of “Database Diagnostics Pack” license to access the information (this implies that this information […]

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Connect to Oracle through a firewall

First some assumptions: You connect to a remote Oracle Server using TCP/IP The remote server/network is protected by a Firewall The connection not uses “Oracle Shared Server”, “Oracle Connection Manager” or “Resident Connection Pooling” (is a standard dedicated connection). These are lots of assumptions, but the vast majority of Oracle installations are agree with all […]

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